2015 Black Friday Weekend Deals

November 22, 2015

2015 Black Friday Weekend Deals

$1,600+ Worth of Savings Nov 27th - 30th Now!

This year’s holiday sale includes huge bundles jam packed with templates designed to save you time.

After 6-years of data we've created a list of proven products (determined by total sales and customer feedback) that had the biggest impact on time savings and customer conversion. The result? Value packed bundles that are one stop solutions for your design and management needs.




Sale Price

Uncle Sam Studio Complete Marketing Bundle




Ooh La La Complete Marketing Bundle




Posh Wedding Studio Marketing Bundle




Complete Paris 1900 Boudoir Photography Studio Bundle




Ultimate Overlay Bundle




Wish From the Heart Holiday Card




Bridal Show Marketing Set

Platinum Membership







$99 for $1000 to Spend




*Code good for 15% off everything at TheShoppeDesings.com except annual memberships.

Why did we create these giant bundles to save you time?

I talked to a millionaire a few weeks ago at an industry event and he offered me some advice that was surprising.

The #1 Mistake business owners make

“The number one mistake I see is messed up priorities with time.  If  you want to grow your business spend your time doing what makes you 80% of your money. I promise you, there isn’t a millionaire in this room that will say they  are glad they spent 5-hrs figuring out how to configure a subscriber widget on their website.”

This conversation made me think about The Shoppe Designs and the products we offer.

Saving photographers and designers time is why we are here. We love providing high quality proven products that help photographers market their business and wow their customers. 

Making you look good in a crowded marketplace is our number one goal. 

Uncle Sam Studio Complete Marketing Bundle

Uncle Sam Bundle

Have you been waiting to pull the trigger on buying a piece of our Uncle Sam Marketing Kit?

It converts insanely well.

Get ALL of our Uncle Sam products in one Goliath bundle.  Impress your potential clients and wow them when they keep coming back for more.   Spend your time creating memories instead of hours developing and creating your marketing materials.


  • Uncle Sam Web marketing Pack ($10)
  • Uncle Sam Client Packaging Set ($49)
  • Uncle Sam Branding & Marketing Kit ($49)
  • Uncle Sam Branded Pricing Set template for photographers ($10)

All of these products together would normally be $129, but get them this weekend for $49. $80 Savings!

Ooh La La Complete Boudoir Studio Marketing Bundle

Ooh La La Complete Boudoir Studio Marketing Bundle

Our complete Ooh La La Boudoir Studio Marketing Bundle includes everything you need to market, prep, and shoot the perfect boudoir sessions.

Don't spend hours creating contracts, FAQ, templates, ads, and marketing materials.  Use our beautiful designs so you can focus time and creative energy where it's needed most!

  • Ooh La La Boudoir Business Kit ($29)
  • Ooh La La Boudoir Magazine & Welcome Guides ($59)
  • Ooh La La Boudoir Mini Sessions Marketing Set ($10)
  • Ooh La La Timeline cover Photoshop Template ($3)
  • Ooh La La Full Marketing Kit with Web Special Promos ($59)

Buying each of these 5 products would normally be $160. This weekend they are only $49. $111 Savings!

Posh Wedding Studio Marketing Bundle

Wedding Studio Welcome Guide

Our most frequently purchased wedding marketing tools are now in one bundle. Dazzle your clients with our high quality studio marketing set just for weddings.  Your time is your most valuable resource so why spend it creating contracts, FAQ, marketing materials, and wedding albums when we can do it for you?

  • Posh Weddings Welcome Magazine ($59)
  • Posh Weddings Pricing Set ($15)
  • Posh Wedding Album ($24)
  • Posh Weddings Facebook Timeline Cover

Each item totals $98. Get them all this weekend for $39A total savings of $59!

Complete Paris 1900 Boudoir Photography Studio Bundle

Paris 1900 Sale

Everything you need to send your boudoir photography sales to the stratosphere.

We've combined our top rated Paris 1900 boudoir marketing materials into one GIANT package. Dazzle your prospects with your professional marketing materials and layouts. Save time with pre-made contracts and FAQ. Dominate social media with beautiful templates. Let these materials speak for you so you can focus on providing the best customer service and most professional photos in town!

  • Paris 1900 Boudoir Photography Business Kit Photoshop Templates ($29)
  • Paris 1900 Boudoir Photography Magazine Photoshop Template ($59)
  • Paris 1900 Boudoir Photography Branding Pack Photoshop Templates ($49)
  • Paris 1900 Boudoir Photography Facebook Timeline Template ($3)
  • Paris 1900 Boudoir Photography Mini Sessions Marketing Photoshop Templates ($10)
  • Paris 1900 Web Pack Boudoir Photography Web Marketing Photoshop Templates ($19)

The entire package retails at $169. Yours this weekend for $49. An amazing $120 savings.

Ultimate Overlay Bundle

ultimate overlay bundle

Customers love overlays.  They are the perfect way to add a customized touch that your clients will never forget. We compiled a list of ALL of our top selling photo overlays and put them in one Giant package just for you. Add a special touch to your clients photos and make them come back for more!

  • Holiday Love Photo Doodles ($10)
  • Modern Greetings Christmas Overlay Card Set ($12)
  • Lovebird Word Overlays ($10)
  • Him and Her Photo Doodles ($10)
  • Forever with you Wedding Overlay Card Set ($15)
  • Maternity Overlays ($10)
  • Gender Reveal Photo Overlays ($10)
  • Baby & Newborn Photo Doodles ($10)
  • Superhero and Fairytale Photo Doodles ($19)
  • Senior Photo Doodles ($10)
  • Hand Drawn Pet Doodles ($10)

Normal pricing for all of these sets would be $126.  Get them during the holiday sale for $29.  That's a $100 savings!

Bridal Show Marketing Set

Bridal Show Marketing Kit

Wedding photography is a competitive market and bridal show season is coming!

Make yourself stand out as better than the rest with these strategically designed marketing tools.

A first of its kind for wedding photographers!

There is nothing on the market like this complete bridal show marketing kit. It was designed in classy yet neutral style to not distract from your branding. Simply add your logo, change colors if you wish, add your images, edit any information you like and send off to print!

Make yourself stand out at the show and be remembered after the show with marketing specifically designed to do just this. Includes pre-written text for the FAQ trifold on hiring a wedding photographer, saving you time and giving brides something useful to take home. Every bride wants to show off that she is the bride, so give them the included stickers to wear around the show sporting your name as well. Show them that you offer quality unique products in the included product guide. Print it as a magazine or at home to use at booking meetings as well as the show. Run a free engagement session promotion and get bride's contact info with the included information gathering card. Show off your work and how much your past clients love you with the testimonial portfolio album and the storyboard.

Normally $205 but get it this weekend for $79. A savings of $126!

Need More than these Bundles? We have you covered!

membership discount

The holidays are here and the subscriber discount is back just in time.  Get access to over $10000+ worth of designs and editing tools for the lowest monthly price that we will ever offer.  Marketing materials, Photoshop templates, and actions available on demand when you need them. 


Don't want to Commit to a Subscription? No Problem!

$99 for $1000 to Spend in Our Store

99 for 1000

Take advantage of this AMAZING Limited time offer.

For just $99 you will get $1000 in "Shoppe Dollars" to spend in our store. You'll also get a year to spend it in case you don't need everything right now. You will certainly have plenty to buy with your $1000! Actions, magazine templates, branding, marketing, logos and more!

Happy Thanksgiving Freebie

Wish From the Heart Holiday Card

Here is a freebie to thank you so much for being our customers!  Bring the happiness in the form of a rainbow and the iconic heart all bundled in this year’s season’s greeting. This design gives you the opportunity to feature not just one but three favorite pictures to share among friends and family.



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