A Confidence Building Trick ~ A Business Tip for Photographers (partially) from The Shoppe Marketeer

August 20, 2014

A Confidence Building Trick

A Business Tip for Photographers (partially) from The Shoppe Marketeer

One of my most popular posts to Business Tips from The Shoppe Marketeer was on building confidence. This week, I came across a similar post on Click It Up A Notch, and though it may be "cheating", I just had to share some it of this week as my advice to you! It's no secret that I'm not a photographer. I could post some of my out-of-focus, poorly composed, & over exposed shots to prove it, but I'll spare you! I am, however, a creative. I have been putting words into sentences to express myself since I was old enough to put a fat yellow pencil to a Big Chief pad of paper. :-) After what is going on two years of working with a photographer to serve the needs of other photographers, though, I've begun to learn that, in many ways, the creative experience can be much the same no matter what the medium. I struggle as much as anyone who's expression and then profession relies on a pro DSLR. Building and maintaining confidence can be hard to do! When I came across THIS POST by Brennan Lanter on Click It Up a Notch, number 3 really spoke to me. I realized while reading it that I had been unknowingly doing this with my writings for years. Brennan Lanter tells us (and I quote):



When I got my very first DSLR, I was so amazed at the kind of pictures I was now able to take.  I was pretty sure I was going to be the next Ansel Adams..  When I look at those photos now, I cringe and laugh at how great I thought were.

Every so often, I pull out a photo I took in the beginning of my photography journey and try to re-create it now with all the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired along the way.

April 2010 Confidence1

April 2013 DSC_7467

It is sure to boost your confidence when you see how much you’ve grown in your craft."


As for me, for years, I have found myself pulling out old pieces of writing, some that I really, truly thought were golden and brilliant at the time, and not just editing, but sometimes completely re-writing. I wouldn't bother if it weren't for the fact that the thoughts are good. Some of the words are great, but often, there were too many of them, as I always struggled with editing. Sometimes, the words were redundant or I just got overly and completely carried away on a crazy course of alliteration. Sorry, wordsmith humor there. ;-) Whatever the cause, though, those pieces just don't compare to what I'm able to do with them now that I've grown, improved, and gotten more experienced, not just at writing but at life!

Brennan Lanter pointed out something about the process that I just hadn't picked up on. She's right! It does build confidence! I highly recommend taking that little bit of advice. Reshoot something and see how great you feel about your improvement.

For more advice on confidence building from Brennan Lanter, visit her full blog post on Click It Up a Notch here.

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