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July 30, 2012

Back from vacation on gorgeous Seabrook Island in South Carolina and editing a few of my shots. One of my favorites of my sweet Fiona on the beach. We rode out on the sand on our bikes to see the dolphins feed at low tide. The second shot is what we were waiting for. The dolphins push the fish up against the shoreline and trap them so they can eat them. They don't care if you are right there watching them, it is amazing to see nature working so close up. I felt honored to see this event...   -Meghan   Edited with Blondie and Vintage Natural from the Memento Action Set and Forrest Texture from the Newborn Editing Kit. Here are the actual dolphins feeding and the pelicans on-looking/waiting for scraps ;) Edited with Orchid from the NOSTALGIA ACTION SET and tea stain from the NOSTALGIA TEXTURES SET.

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