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October 21, 2014

Be Stubborn, But Flexible

I don't think I have to tell you how important is to have goals in your professional photography business. Your goals point you in a direction and guide you on how to get there. They help you determine how far you've come and how far you have to go. From daily checklists to annual planning, as business owners, goal setting is constant and you'll never achieve your goals if you aren't stubborn about it. Are you flexible in your approach though? Did you know that you need to..... text4479 What does it mean to be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your approach? It means that you can't let anything stop you. Once you set goals for yourself and for your business, get stubborn like a mule! Whether your plan is to finally make the leap to full time professional photographer, to expand into a studio outside the home, to hire an assistant or to double your current income, no matter what that may be, don't stop until you make it happen. Don't let someone else's doubts hinder you. Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and don't change what you set out to achieve. That said, be flexible in your approach to reaching those goals. No matter level you are at in your career as a pro photographer, you're still learning. You're still growing, and you're still changing, As you learn new things you should implement them, as you generate more income it will allow you to re-invest in your business, as the industry and your market changes, your business will need to change. If something you've tried in marketing that used to work for you isn't anymore, then try something new. If your clients are seeking different packages and different styles of sessions, you may need to reconsider your offerings. If you really only want to shoot newborns but have the opportunity to shoot maternity and family as this point in your career, then consider taking those sessions that aren't necessarily what you plan to focus in when you are able to operate dream studio then use that additional revenue to better yourself and your equipment. Change is hard. Being flexible when you have a picture of your perfect business model in your head is a challenge, but being flexible in your approach doesn't mean giving up on your goals. It's a like a road map. There may be a dozen different ways to get from point A to point B, and some of those roads may be flooded or full of potholes, so you'll need to choose others, but if you keep choosing roads that get you to your destination, you WILL still get there. You may even end up taking a more beautiful drive. ;-)   business tips for photographers, marketing for photographers  

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