Business Tips for Professional Photographers ~ How to Enjoy Your Morning Coffee More!

September 16, 2014

Business Tips for Professional Photographers:

How to Enjoy Your Morning Coffee More!

from The Shoppe Marketeer
Have you ever written out your to do list over a fresh cup of java in the morning, looked down at the finished list, and become completely overwhelmed? Well, this happens to me - All. The. Time! At least it used to! :-) With two businesses to manage instead of one now, (check out our amazing marketplace just for photographers here), Meghan Aileen and I keep our hands full! Well, really we keep our hands, our heads, our hearts, and our lives full!! To help with that, recently, I've returned to an old trick I learned years ago and am working hard it making it a habit again. One of the best, and quite honestly simplest tricks I've ever learned in managing time and priorities involves to do list writing. Everyone tells you to make sure you write one. Most people tell you to make sure you prioritize it, and really good advice givers even tell you to make notes on it, noting which items need to be done at certain times of the day, which have deadlines, which need input from others, and which ones you need to get out of the way quickly because you hate them so will make you most likely to procrastinate. All good advice, but the best advice is simply: do NOT write that to do list first thing in the morning! What?! How does that work?? Simple, you write your to do list for tomorrow at the END of the day TODAY! It's not always what you want to do when you are trying to wrap up and get out the door for the evening, but it pays off. Jot down all the things you need to do tomorrow, prioritize them (I use highlighters on long lists), and make those notes I mentioned. Then, put it aside and call it a day. Tomorrow, your day is ready to get started. You can start knocking out the first item on the list over that fresh cup of java instead of getting overwhelmed as you think about all the things you need to get done. Will you always get every item checked off? Ha. Not likely! More often than not, there will still be items on the list at the end of the day. Do you know what you do with them? You use them to start tomorrow's list at the end of today. Go on! Give a try! Feel free to pop back by here and tell me how it works for you. And... make sure that each Tuesday night, you put "read the weekly tip from The Shoppe Marketeer" on Wednesday's to do list. *wink wink* :-)text3891  

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