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March 06, 2013

We know we have been teasing you about our new site Prop-Aganda and we wanted to give you a bit more information and an inside look at what is to come.
Many months in the making is our new site for photographers. A combination of the best of Pinterest and Etsy but just for us photographers this site is like nothing out there for photographers. With a focus on inspiration, props, actions and editing tools this will quickly become your new favorite place on the web.
Prop-Aganda will have the following categories of Pinterest type feeds for inspiration:
  • Actions
  • Props of All Kinds Used and New
  • Film Lovers
  • Inspiring Work
  • Location Inspiration
  • Posing Ideas
Image credit  in order: amr photography studio, Julie Paisley Photography, Meghan Aileen Photography, Anka zhuravleva, Caroline Tran Photography, Meghan Aileen Photography
You will be able to save to your own "albums" collecting any of the inspiring work posted on the inspiration boards. Also in the inspiration boards will be the items for sale by our partner vendors and photographers selling their own used props in our Etsy type stores.
Notice the little price tag telling you it is for sale and how much!
Here you see a example of one of the stores. Do you have a closet or entire garage full of props that you have used to death? Do you make something yourself that you want to sell as props to other photographers? Are you really good at finding those perfect unique pieces at the flea market or antique malls? Set up your very own mini store and all your items will appear in the inspiration feed, prices and all! check out this sample store for Devoted Knits:
This page is a sample of your profile page housing your inspiration boards. Have a shoot coming up you are stumped about? Make an album for it and save anything from a collection of posing ideas to props you want to use (and can buy right from the site)
To maintain quality control and only the best content on the site for inspiration, the Prop-Aganda team will be the only ones that can add new items to the site (other than the items added to the stores) But photographers will be able to save and collect any of the images to their albums.
It is important as artists to have a community to help us grow and sometimes that means an objective and friendly voice of critique. There will also be a section where you can post your latest images you are working on or an idea fro a shoot you are trying out and get some honest feedback. We aim to keep this a positive and encouraging area for us as artists to grow and learn from each other.

You don't want to miss the upcoming launch so make sure you sign up for the newsletter HERE and the spread the word!!

A special thanks to Devoted Knits for allowing us to use their items for our sample store!

A little about them:

"I am devoted to creating pieces to complement your newborn photography business. Our products are designed to add that little something special to help polish your image - and not take away from the purity of the baby you're photographing."


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