Featured Photographer Member~ Jen Steele Photography

November 11, 2010

Good morning Shoppers!! Today we have another fascinating interview with one of our members Jen Steele. We hope you enjoy learning more about her and her business. We can always learn from each other, and I find it inspiring to hear other photographer's stories... To see more of Jen's work visit: www.jensteele.com How long have you been doing photography? Professionally since 2001... passionately since I was 12 (kodak INSTAMATIC!) Where is your business located? Victoria BC Canada What type of photography do you do? (weddings, portraits, sports...etc) Weddings, boudoir and interiors (for interior designers) What was the thing that attracted you to photography the most? The art form.. catching those moments in time, or the timeless feeling of a landscape. The colour, textures lines, forms of the world around us. What kind of cameras do you shoot with? Nikon d700 What is your favorite lens to shoot with and why? I love my telephoto 70-200mm ... shooting people with it is less invasive, people become more relaxed when you are not right in their face and of course the candids .. its like your a spy ( hoping to purchase a 300m for even greater spy power lol) What is your favorite part of running your business? I love seeing peoples faces when they see their images for the first time and they just love em! but really the actual shoot is the best part, letting people be themselves and have fun, making the shoot a fun experience rather than a dreaded event. A lot of people really do not like having their photo taken, so I like to help them loose that fear and think otherwise! What do you feel is the biggest challenge of running your business? My biggest challenge for me is BALANCE because I love what I do, it seems I work ALL the time and forget to take some time out for me and my hubby and dog, friends and family! What do you think your clients like most about your work? I had one client say to me my work is gritty not pretty?? I think that was a complement?? lol. I think they like my work because it is different. I do find I can get bored easily, so I am constantly trying to find new and inspiring locations, lighting styles, ways edit my photos, always expanding, growing and challenging myself and that is reflected in my work. How has The Shoppe helped your business? I love the textures and add them to my backgrounds of my albums and photos. Again using tools like this can set you apart and help create your own unique style. What is your favorite section or item in The Shoppe? Favorite product is the textures especially Windy Days and Attic Junk. Thank you for sharing Jen!! Here are a few samples of her lovely work: JensteelePhotography_10 JenSteelePhotography_12b JenSteelePhotography_13b JenSteelePhotography_15b JenSteelePhotography_17b VictoriaBCWeddingPhotographers_07 proof_two

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