Featured Shoppe Member ~ Chelsea Elizabeth Photography

July 26, 2010

This week we are doing our first feature on one of our Shoppe Members! Chelsea Elizabeth is our chosen photographer this week and we hope you enjoy learning a bit more about her and her work. If you are a subscriber would like to be featured on Shoppe Talk please fill out our contact form. Stay tuned next week for Meghan Aileen's tips on choosing a portrait session location! Interview with Chelsea Elizabeth Photography See more of Chelsea's work at: www.chelseaelizabeth.com How long have you been doing photography? 5 years Where is your business located? Thousand Oaks, CA What type of photography do you do? (weddings, portraits, sports...etc) 70% weddings, 20% family portraits, 10% commercial What was the thing that attracted you to photography the most? I've always loved photography. Ever since I got my first camera in 5th grade I've been a shutter bug. I really got into photography in my 20s when I got my first digital camera. Once I could afford to take all the images I wanted, I really started to learn composition and all the technical aspects. I had a couple of friends who were wedding photographers and needed a second shooter. After second shooting with them I was in love. I found my calling! What kind of cameras do you shoot with? Canon 5D and Mark II What is your favorite lens to shoot with and why? Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens. As I was looking at various photographers images. I noticed I was always drawn to images shot with a 50mm. I had the 1.4 version for years and hadn't used it. I love the perspective of the 50. It's sharp and has a nice DOF. I love using it for portraits since it allows me to get close enough to my clients to interact with them. With the 50 I'm close enough to direct them and make sure they have great facial expressions. What is your favorite part of running your business? Having people fall in love with their images What do you feel is the biggest challenge of running your business? admin work, book keeping and color correction. What do you think your clients like most about your work? I take the time to get to know my clients. I try to capture who they are on their wedding day as well as what's important to them. I love when people say, "that's soooooo Jane!" How has The Shoppe helped your business? My most used product is the actions. I love that they are vintage but happy. Very subtle color tones to give your image a little something different. I love the card templates! Everyone is looking for super cute cards and It's great to have a variety to offer people. What is your favorite section or item in The Shoppe? The cards :) We also asked Chelsea to share with us some of her favorite images for inspiration! Here is some of her amazing work! chelsea01 chelsea02 chelsea04 chelsea03 chelsea06 chelsea05 chelsea08 chelsea07

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