FRIDAYS WITH A FLASH: 5 Fantastic Tips to Increase Blog Traffic by Amy Fraughton

January 20, 2012

5 Fantastic Tips To Increase Blog Traffic!

Photographers today no longer put together fancy portfolios to showcase their work to a prospective buyer. Instead, we have the ever so simple and affordable blog to help share our work with any prospective buyer happens upon it. So how do you get more people looking at your blog? Here are 5 fantastic ways! The first and most important rule for having a well followed blog is consistency. If you aren’t blogging, you’re losing your audience. There is a saying in the sales community that says this: “In order to go up, you have to show up”, and in today’s technology showing up is having a consistent presence on your blog! Having fantastic content is also key in getting and keeping traffic on your blog. As photographers, we are lucky, because our products are so easy to showcase on our blog. Images are one of the best ways to draw people in and you will only want to share your very best work on your blog, and the bigger the better! In addition to posting images, you will also want to include posts that are interesting and relevant to your audience. If you shoot mostly seniors, you don’t need to blog about your family day at the Zoo, but instead, blog about pop culture and maybe spotlight your clients. You get the picture, right? Another great way to increase your blog traffic is to share it on your Social Media sites. Use Pinterest to pin a few of your photos, link your blog posts to Facebook, and give Twitter your best as well! Our society is becoming more and more entwined with social media, and that is where you’re going to find readers. Use Google Analytics to find out where your traffic is coming from and then maximize those sources. Google Analytics is a free service that tracks the incoming and outgoing and every move in between on your blog. You can see from your reports where your traffic is coming from, then take your best sources and make them better and/or find more of the same types of sources to repeat the process with. Set up great SEO with your site. We have an excellent podcast on how to do this for your website so that your site will start to show up in more searches. From meta tags, to alt-tags, to titles. Strategically naming each of these with the right descriptions will help the web crawlers to index your site and place it high within the searches. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to be thinking about where you want your blog to be by next year? Following these steps will help your traffic to continually increase year after year! Amy Fraughton is co-owner of Photo Business Tools. PBT is dedicated to bringing you an enormous amount of photography business education for a very low monthly rate! She is also the owner of Amy Fraughton Photography.   

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