Giving Back this Holiday Season...

December 23, 2011

Our friends over at Chic Critique Forum are doing some wonderful things this holiday season. They are asking us to help this precious angel by giving back and joining their forum. You not only are getting a forum membership but you are helping guide a little girl to a loving family.Christmas is just around the corner and it's a time where we think beyond ourselves to serve others.Thank you Chic Critique for reminding us all about the true meaning of this season and sharing this blog post with us. Chic Critique Forum would like to donate $5000 to help this little girl with Down Syndrome get out of a neglected orphanage and adopted into a loving home but they can't do it without you. Meet Charity. Read her story. If you would like to give back this holiday season, HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP: It will only take 5 minutes of your time but could change her life.
  • Join Chic Critique Forum with an annual membership and they'll donate $19 towards her adoption grant
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter by saying: "Help this little girl with Down Syndrome get adopted and out of an orphanage:"
  • Pin her picture on Pinterest with the text: "Help this little girl with Down Syndrome get adopted and out of an orphanage:"
  • Copy and paste this blog post onto your own blog
  • Share her story with your friends & family via email
  • Donate directly to her grant
$39 for an annual forum membership is really not that much when you consider how much you will be helping sweet, little Charity. It's the same price of an action set, card templates, a dinner for 2, a set of Legos, a belt at Anthropologie...but this $39 will make ALL the difference for her. Please help them to help her!
Happy Holidays, Heather xo

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