November 02, 2011

We are having this great subscription sale and you need to take advantage of this  opportunity while you can. Sign up during this sale and get access to everything on our site for only $30 per month. So many of you may be thinking hmm what is in it for me and why should I sign up to be a subscriber?  Everyone wants to see a return on their investments right? Well the good news is with signing up to be a subscriber at The Shoppe you will be able to see an immediate return on your investment. Reason Number #1:HOLIDAY CARDS Holiday cards are one of the easiest things to sell to your clients. Everyone likes to send them out every year. The best part is that not only do you make money on the sale, but then every single person who receives the card has seen your work and your logo on the back! Start early by marketing your holiday portrait sessions to your clients. Put all the holiday cards you offer on your blog with sample images of your CURRENT clients in them. They will likely see themselves in the sample and have to have it! This is just one of the many reasons to become a subscriber. Our designs are the most unique and custom looking designs out there.  You want to know why? Well it is because we have AWARD WINNING designers working around the clock to create amazing new designs each week. So what are you waiting for. Sign up NOW.  The sale only lasts one more day. USE CODE SUBSCIBE30 at checkout.

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