Melaleuca Essential Oil Uses: Natural Home Remedies

October 08, 2014

Melaleuca, or Tea Tree Oil is one of my favorite essential oils. I actually used to not like the smell, but now I really do. It has so many uses that make it a staple to have in your home. Personally I use it daily on my face for acne. I apply it neat to my skin in my problem areas. Sometimes I will smooth it on with a little coconut oil as well. Always test your skin sensitivity first, especially before applying undiluted to your face. I have never had any problems with it unless I was using a brand that is not pure. I used to use the NOW brand I got at whole foods. I do not recommend putting this on your skin at all. They say 100% pure but since there is no FDA regulation for this they can be up to 30% fillers! I used to use that one and would get a rash on my face from it. I discovered the doTERRA brand and now will not use any of those sold in the stores. I use it daily and have never had any rash from it! But you can test it on your wrist first which I highly recommend.   You can also use it to clean cuts and abrasions, it is great as a mouthwash too. Mix with some coconut oil and swish around as long as you can, at least a few minutes. This combination is a perfect mouthwash! You can add a little peppermint if you like too.   Melaleuca is also one of the few substances that can break through biofilm. Biofilm is the sludge that protects organisms like bacteria. So a great use for Melaleuca is in conjunction with something like Oregano which is a powerful antibiotic. Melaleuca breaks the biofilm and the Oregano kills the bacteria! Use the combination on your feet with a little coconut. (Oregano is very powerful and a hot oil so be very careful with Oregano and only apply to the feet with coconut oil and use care with children) t is amazing what the tools that God gave us to help heal ourselves in nature can do. I am continually amazed as I study and discover more and more.... If you have questions email me and I will help you any way I can! meghan ( at) theshoppedesigns (dot) com   Get your own Melaleuca Essential Oil from doTERRA HERE     melaleuca     Disclaimer for "the man": I am not a doctor and am not diagnosing or curing any diseases just sharing what works for me and my family. =)

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