New Branding Design Template Set ~ Bold + Modern Images

December 15, 2010

Bold + Modern Images The name says it all! Simple, bold, and modern designs for your promotional pieces let your photos take center stage. Recommended for any type of photographer and photography business! Features designs for 6 promotional pieces, ready to print. FORMAT: PSD 300dpi 8x4 promo card front and back 2.75x2.75 square business card front and back 5x5 trifold Rectangular sticker 4" x 5.5" Pricing Accordion 4" x 5.5" thank you card front and back bold-mod SUGGESTED USES: Promotional materials for your business Tutorials for adding your images to these fully editable templates are under our FAQ page. A basic knowledge of Photoshop is required. Compatible with Photoshop CS and above. A list of fonts used is included as well as where to find them online, most of the time for free. Our templates are formatted for ProDpi standard sizes for press printed products. We highly recommend the beautiful papers and quality service of ProDpi Lab. Templates can be used with any lab you wish but our printer of choice is ProDpi. Printing of our templates is easily done through their free ROES. Try it on ProDpi Eco Matte or Enhanced Felt paper!

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