Our trip to WPPI 2011.. The Scary Van!

June 23, 2011

Our trip from LA to Vegas for the WPPI 2011 was anything but predictable especially when it came to us getting all of our stuff from LA to Vegas. We rented what we thought would be a moving van that turned out to look like this big white terrorist van. This was the most basic van you could ever get! Nothing was automatic, just a big white box that moves! Imagine driving this thing around downtown LA fabric district picking up stuff at rush hour in the rain? That was scary! Needless to say we managed to get all of our stuff for The Shoppe booth in the van and were Vegas bound. We arrived there safe and sound and had an amazing turn out at the show. The pictures below were too good not to share with you all. Did you guys get a chance to come by and visit The Shoppe booth at WPPI 2011? If so we thank you and hope you enjoyed the show! photo (1) photo (6)

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