Photographers, Do You Know How LUCKY You Are? ~ Business Tips for Professional Photographers from The Shoppe Marketeer

October 13, 2014

Business Tips for Professional Photographers

Hey Photographers! Do you know how LUCKY you are? Well, of course you know how lucky you are to get to do something you love for a living! And you're lucky to get to be a part of people's special moments and to be the person who captures them, but that's not only reason you're lucky! What on earth am I talking about? I'm talking about the fact that you are so lucky that every person you meet could be a client or could help you find clients! Most business owners have to sit down and put together to list of potential clients and then put together a plan to try reach them! I've sold all sorts of schtuff in my life and finding access to people who could use the products or services I have to sell has always been one of the biggest challenges in the process so I know how LUCKY you are as photographers! People who need your services are, well, EVERYWHERE!! The question is... how do you take advantage of that? There are a lot of answers, I'm sure, but one is simple. It may not be easy, but it is simple and it may not occur to you!! The simplest answer is TALK ABOUT YOU! I say it may not be easy because I am the first person to understand how hard it can be to talk about yourself. For many small business owners, and probably even more typically creative business owners, it can be difficult to get comfortable talking about yourself. You don't want to seem "sales-y". You don't want your friends, family, and people you're just meeting to think you want them to spend their money with you. The fact is, though, that they're spending it somewhere so why NOT with you? What better place than with someone who has a personal investment in their love of the final product? free photoshop templates, free photoshop actions, business tips for photographers, marketing for photographers Need some advice on HOW to start talking yourself? Start simple. When you meet someone new and they say, "What do you do?", do you find yourself answering with "I'm a photographer" and ONLY with "I'm a photographer"? Did you know that most people outside your industry don't even know that photographers specialize? They may not be aware of what newborn photographers do. If their children are still young, they may have no clue that there are talented portrait photographers working specifically with seniors. They may think of hiring a wedding photographer for their big day, but may not know that they could also hire the same one for beautiful engagement photos and save the dates and maybe even for some lovely boudoir shots for their fella as a wedding gift. You know that all photographers are not the same. The person you're just having a conversation with quite likely does not.  Start telling them... "I am a professional photographer specializing in....". You may be surprised at how often they will ask you to know more. Ready to take a step further? Tell people even more. "I am a professional children's photographer and right now, I'm shooting a lot holiday mini sessions. I take those photos you see on adorable Christmas cards every year!". How about "I'm a professional senior photographer so I work with graduates and right now I'm swamped because it's announcement ordering time!" or because it's album design and ordering season! Let people know that you are selling cards, that you are designing albums. Mention it when you're booking minis. Let them know what season it is, that it's time to book for holidays, graduations and more! Tell them more about what you have to offer right off the bat! Let's face it, you know that you don't "just click a button all day". You're not just a photographer and all photographers are not the same, so why oh why would you only say "I'm a photographer" when someone asks you what you do? :) You're LUCKY! Any ol' person you meet might mean business to you one day so TELL them about it!!  

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