Photography Business Tips ~ Streamlining Photography Client Meetings

May 28, 2014

LESS is MORE ~ Streamlining Photography Client Meetings

All photographers, as business owners, will benefit from streamlining photography client meetings. Though some people might believe you just "click a button all day", we know better, and with shooting, editing, marketing, and product design, your time as a photographer really is money! While you can’t add more hours to the day, you can streamline the time you spend in client meetings. How? By remembering that LESS is MORE! How you do make the most of the time spent in consultations and sales meetings? The key is being prepared. Fifteen minutes on the phone, or scripting and sending a client questionnaire, can save an hour (or more!) in a meeting. Have you ever been to a department store when you need a new pair of shoes? How long would it take you to find and buy the right pair if you didn’t know where the shoe department was? What about if the sales person showed you luggage, jewelry, and clothing first? Quite likely, you would get overwhelmed and give up long before getting to the shoe department and not purchase anything at all. Would you trust the salesperson at that point or think they either lack knowledge or want to sell you things you don't need? Think of your clients the same way. Don’t show them every package you offer. Don’t bring a catalog of cards and announcements to a client meeting when they really need or want an album and wall art. While it would be great to have all clients purchase your biggest package, it just won’t happen, so don’t offer huge packages to clients on a medium or small budget.


LESS is MORE ~ Streamlining Photography Client Meetings How

So how do you know that your clients need “shoes” and not “jewelry”? Simple. You ask. Develop a client questionnaire. Plan an introductory conversation before your first meeting, or simply send an email explaining that you can better meet a client’s need and make good use of their valuable time if you know things like: -          What type of shoot they’d like. -          How many subjects there will be. -          What their product interests are. -          If they have a hard deadline for image and product turnaround. -          What their planned budget is.  

LESS is MORE ~ Streamlining Photography Client Meetings Why

When you know the answers to some important questions, you can plan your meeting in advance. Prepare to show the client products and packages that match their needs. If you discuss LESS in MORE detail, you will find yourself more comfortable, appear more knowledgeable, and your clients will think you have just what they need without trying to sell them on more! If you bring your clients the "shoes" they want, they will trust you, and you can trust that when they are ready to buy "luggage and jewelry" too, you'll be their first call. Everyone leaves happy, and you'll feel like you just managed to add that extra hour you need to your day! You really won't regret little bit extra time on the front end when you begin reaping the long term benefits of streamlining photography client meetings.   Need more help with your client meetings and business planning? See our full business kits here!   [caption id="attachment_5242" align="aligncenter" width="235"]photography humor - streamlining photography client meetings - photography business tips Oh, if only there were a few more hours in the day!![/caption]  

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