PHOTOGRAPHY CONVENTIONS: A girlfriends guide to making every minute count

February 06, 2012

In just two short weeks the biggest trade show in photography world will commence! Are you ready? Are you REALLY ready? Attending this event is such a wonderful investment for your business from learning from the masters, to seeing in person the latest and greatest products in the industry, to meeting new friends and networking...HOWEVER if this is your first time to go it can also be extremely overwhelming. We (Heather from The Shoppe, Spanki from Spanki Mills Photography and Angela from amr photography) want you to have a BLAST this year (like we are). In this weeks series of blog posts we are going to give you some valuable planning advice and helpful strategies so you can make the most out of such an important week! Throughout this week are going to discuss many topics just a few of which are, how to plan out your class schedule and attack the trade show, what to pack for your wardrobe, and strategies for networking for your business. Friday will end with Q&A about all the topics and hopefully at the end of this week you will be even more excited about the amazing experience that is coming soon! spanki: I know as excited as we all are, it can get overwhelming to pack and leave your business, family and everyday routine behind. You want to make sure to make the best out of your trip to Vegas this year. this is my second year to go and as much fun as I had last year, there are some things I felt I missed out on and want to change a few things year. angela: I had a blast last year but didn’t feel well prepared at all for the huge amount of information thrown at me. A plan of attack is needed this year! Seriously, my hurt brain hurt most of the time. heather: I agree as well. I think the most important thing to remember is to have a plan but not get overwhelmed when your plan goes haywire. I have meet so many people and have walked away with the best memories and some of the best friends. angela: Yes, for me it’s like going vacation. You need an overall plan but still need to remain flexible. Things could change any minute! Who am I kidding...this IS a vacation! I get to sleep in until 7a every morning! spanki: Some of my best memories were the ones that we didn't expect! Like eating lunch on the floor in the corner with a ton of new friends! angela: Or staying up until 4am talking a million miles an hour with new friends. The friendships made on this trip were priceless. heather: The first thing on my mind when I meet all these new friends is, “Oh gracious what do I wear to stay comfy and stylish?” angela: YES, me too! Tomorrow I’m going to talk about how/what to pack so that is one less thing you have to worry about on your trip. spanki: You never know what Vegas weather will be and I get cold in the hotel so I need ideas for layering! angela: I will cover all of that tomorrow and more! spanki: Last year I got stuck in the airport having to dress myself in a million layers because my luggage was over the weight limit... I sure don't want that to happen again (the man behind us was angry until one of my undergarments flew out) ugh! So I tell me can I wear the same thing twice and how should I layer so I can... how many shoes should I bring, you know an outfit isn't complete until the shoes. And what about a purse do I bring a camera bag or a purse or something bigger? heather: And what about at night? What should I wear too the parties? dinners? angela: Come back tomorrow and we will go over EVERYTHING...promise!!

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