Photography Conventions .. Day 2

February 07, 2012

  DAY 2 with Angela of amr Photography Hey everyone! It's Angela here talking to you about what to bring with you! I don’t know about you but I tend to obsess about clothes and even more so when I’m going into a situation that is a little out of my everyday norm. The right outfit can give actually help give you confidence which is something you will need as you go through this amazing week! Seriously, I feel SO much bolder and confident when I’m in a well-put together-ensemble as opposed to sweats/hat/uggs (seriously, more preferred but I promise I won’t be wearing these during the day). SO, let’s do a little pre-planning together BECAUSE......  
  1. you are representing your business AND at the same time need to be very comfortable so a professional yet comfy wardrobe sometimes takes a little bit of thought
  2. Sometimes it’s so easy and fun to style our clients but then not so fun and/difficult to do it for ourselves.
  3. you are going to be SO overwhelmed with the sights and sounds and info thrown at you all week (not to mentioned tired from staying up late and getting up early) that the last thing you need to worry about it your clothes. Pre-planning can check that right off the list
  4. the majority of us will be having roommates. I don’t care how big the closets are, there is never enough room for one person let alone two, three, or more! Careful packing can help with more space
  5. speaking of space, you don’t want full luggage! You need to be prepared for the week but gotta save room for goodies purchased from the trade show or amazing items from shopping on the strip (there is an All Saints store in The Cosmo hotel. Save some room in your luggage. Just sayin’).
So let’s talk about wardrobe! Last year I found the classrooms to be rather chilly and the tradeshow to be rather warm. Your best bet in planning is to have a layered wardrobe so that you can accommodate for the various temp changes in the hotel. Plus, layers look amazing (as long as you are not adding bulk) and are incredibly comfortable as well.  Layering is also helpful in that it will allow you to bring fewer pieces of clothing. I was in Moscow last fall and the women there were SO fabulously dressed. Seriously, I could have sat and people watched for days the clothing was so amazing. One thing I noticed though from the girls I spent the week with was that they would have a few nice pieces they wore several days in a row and then would change the look out by adding an accessory or a jacket or different shoes, etc. I wish this would catch on more here in the US because then it would make me feel better when I wear the same cardigan  three or four times in a week (it might be possible that there have been times my husband has asked me exactly how many days I’ve worn something). Don’t worry about repeating an outfit within a four or five day span. I can assure you that no one will be keeping tabs on how many times you wore what. Try to pack a few basics (cardi/jacket/dark denim/leggings/tanks) and change out your looks by mix and matching and adding with accessories.   Here are some pics from pinterest I have found that are AMAZING examples of this:   I know all the rules of layering (and use them all the time when working with my clients) but I often get stuck with my wardrobe because, well, I’ve looked at it too much! These pictures have HUGELY inspired me to go into my closet see things in a new light. I have been able to put together some completely “new” outfits from pieces I’ve had for a long time. So take some time to play and experiment with mix and matching. Try to see what “new” outfits you can make without going shopping. I think it’s part of a woman’s DNA to have to shop when going out of town…but try your hardest to see what you can come with before hitting the mall! Above I mentioned comfort...also be sure you have comfortable shoes. Not only is the MGM the largest hotel in the world (well, it’s not really but it feels like it when you are tired) but at the convention itself you will be doing a lot of standing, walking, running (if you are late to pre-board for a class because you overslept...ummm...not speaking from experience or anything) not to mention waiting in the FOREVER long lines at Starbucks in the hotel (the lines were always long). Your shoes need to be comfortable. Seriously comfortable. So when choosing the super cute boots or flats or heels (eek....I don’t know about that) think comfort AND cute (which is easily possible, thank goodness!). Target has some AMAZING shoes right now, fyi.   NIGHT Last year I did not pack any dressier items because I didn’t know what to expect! In retrospect I wish I had packed at least one nicer outfit. For most everything, nice jeans will suffice but for some events a little bit more is expected. If you don’t have any party plans on the books, still take one nice outfit. You might decide last minute to go to something or might get invited and don’t want to not go because you don’t feel like you are dressy enough. dress pants, a jacket, a little black dress...just bring something that is a step above everyday dress so you are ready! This year I know in advance a few parties I’m going to so I’m doing a little shopping in my closet to put together something nice to have on hand (and yes, I will probably wear something twice...gasp!).   Are you freaking out yet? Don’t! Also, don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. I have gotten a few new pieces but have been having fun going through my closet and mix and matching things. We have started a pinterest board to help you get ideas. Don’t go look now...but be sure to check in out when you are done reading! OKAY, so you have your wardrobe planned out. Wasn’t that so easy? Perfect. Now on to your business essentials.   Don’t forget a spiral notebook/ipad/laptop to take notes on in the classes. I am old fashioned and have to hand write my notes in a class. For some reason, I learn better that way, but some people love to type. Do what you have to do but just make sure you have some sort of note taking material on hand!   Business cards. Bring a box and make sure you have them on you at all times (ummm..not talking from experience again or anything). They are not helpful to you sitting in your luggage up in your room. You will be handing out and receiving a lot of those!   Camera. So, we have gone back and forth about bringing our cameras and basically it comes down to the fact that you should bring it. What if you have time to go sight see? What is you get asked to go do a shoot out for fun? Just bring it.   Camera bag AND purse? Camera bag only and use it as both? You don't want to lug your camera around everyday so use your camera bag as your purse OR if you don't have one that you LOVE be ready to shop for one at the trade show.   Cell phone and charger. A no brainer but make you have it on you and that it’s charged up every morning!! You will need it because texting is your lifeline at the event. It’s too loud to chat on the phone and the only way to find your friends (that you have lost or maybe who have lost you) in the tradeshow is through text.   Water Bottle. This falls under business item in that it will cost your business a ton once you add up the receipts the end of the week. Water costs five thousand dollars a bottle in the hotel (well not really, but it adds up quickly) and Spanki and I didn’t feel like walking down to a convenince store on the trip to buy water and haul it back so we paid the high prices. I was talking to a friend about this a week ago and she had the MOST brilliant idea. Buy a Brita water sports bottle and fill it up before you leave your room. These bottles can be found in the water filter section at Target and only cost $9.99. Why am I not this smart? Done. Add that to your list. You may laugh at me, but you will be shocked at how much bottled water costs and how thirsty you all of sudden will get that week and how much of it you drink! Wardrobe. check. Business items. check. Toiletries and all that jazz (we don’t need to go over that). check. If you have not traveled much lately or at all and aren't used to the weight restrictions now placed on luggage, please please please pack your bag the night before you leave and weigh it. If you only take one piece of luggage and it’s very overweight the additional weight fees are HIDEOUS! Know ahead of time and either have a carry on to move stuff to or take away some items from your suitcase (gasp...hopefully that doesn’t have to happen). Poor Spanki had to put layering into major practice last year in the airport because her bag was too heavy and she didn’t have a second bag to transfer too (and in case you were thinking I wasn’t a good friend, and mine was already over the weight limit but a couple pounds so they wouldn’t let her put any stuff in mine).   Hopefully this gives you a good start to being the process of putting together your packing checklist! Don’t forget to check out our pinterest board HERE for lots of outfit ideas from ensemble inspiration to links of items currently available from our favorite stores! Also, if you have any questions about our topic today, post them in the comment section below and we will answer them during Friday’s Q&A post!        

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