Photoshop Actions Editing Tips: Recipes by Meghan Aileen

October 16, 2014

Photoshop Actions Editing Tips

I love this outtake from my Woodland Princess shoot with Fiona. Her "shirt" (wrapped fabric) is falling down, she is cracking up I think because I told her to say "stinky" and she is holding the blue lollipop that I had to bribe her with to cooperate for the shoot. We didn't make it til the end before I had to give it to her. Actually in the image with her and the frog image she was really holding and looking at her lollipop! I just replaced it with a shot I took of a frog I found hanging out outside my office. they always sit outside my door! :)   Anyway! This is a recipe using the NEW Colors of Autumn Fall Photoshop Actions Set I just released. It is only $25 and includes 4 signature complete actions, 3 bonus utility actions, and a bonus lightleak texture overlay! CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT! This was edited using:
  • Vintage Autumn 68%
  • Sweet October 100%
  • Sharpen: 70%
  • Grain 75%
  COLORSOFAUTUMNSAMPLEWhat are your thoughts?   xoxo Meghan Aileen

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