Photoshop Actions: Vintage Photos with Actions and Textures

October 03, 2012

We had a gorgeous foggy morning, and I tried so hard to get Fiona out to shoot, but by the time I got there, it was bright and sunny! But we still got some cute shots... Love this one... I got that wooden suitcase from the flea market, I think it is from the army or something, but Fiona loves it. She carries it around, sits on it, stands on it, anything. I shot this with my 135mm lens which I haven't used for ahwule, I usually gravitate toward my 50mm or my 35mm but I forgot how gorgeous the depth of field is with this lens and I think I might keep it out more often! What is your favorite lens? { edited with Photoshop actions Something Else and Vintage Natural from the Memento Set and Neutral concrete texture from the Nostalgia Textures set }  

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