Prop-Aganda : Lifestyle Prop Inspiration for Photographers : GUESS AND WIN CONTEST

September 06, 2012

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to: Frances Walker: We love your idea for a shoot: "I would use them in a Country Christmas shoot. Point the weathervane going North and have a Santa coming from that direction doing the shush finger over his mouth with an unsuspecting kid in the foreground! Good luck to all! Thanks for this cool contest!" And to Wendy Bates and Katie Bohannon!   Can you guess what these are? Found these at a cool local flea market here in Nashville and was not sure what they were at first myself. But after a moment it hit me! Very cool looking and photograph really well. I love blue metal things in general I guess. They just have great shape and texture. What would you use these for? And ideas to use them for a shoot? I like to try to challenge myself and use unexpected things that might not even make much sense at first glance. :)   First person to correctly guess what these are wins a $25 gift card!   Person with the best idea for using them in a shoot also wins a $25 gift card!! It's easy money people! :)   Ready??? Go...  

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