Prop-Aganda: Photography Props and Inspiration: Trash to Treasure

September 27, 2012

Sometimes things in terrible shape photograph the best! Especially when put in contrast with something polished and beautiful. One of my favorite things to do is put contrasting elements in an image, a gorgeous bride in a white dress in a dark brooding setting, or in a beat up chair. But lucky for us people don't think things like this are worth as much you can find some great deals. I found this beauty at the flea market last weekend here in Nashville and fell in love with it. I didn't buy it, I know I will kick myself for that but I don't have a shoot I need it for currently and so I passed it up. But it really inspired me and reminded me to look for more torn up things, maybe expand my search to places people leave things they think are trash. Sometimes I see things just left on the side of the road before garbage day and pull over and grab them. Find out the garbage pick up days in your area, maybe in the richer area near you, as the rich have better garbage! And take a drive around to see what you can find. It doesn't get much better than free! This would be an amazing prop for boudoir, engagement or senior shoot. Place it in a field, an alley, an empty room, endless possibilities. So cool.   If you like our prop posts come visit us on Facebook or our NEW BLOG! BUY/SELL STORE COMING SOON! Happy Prop Shopping -xoxo - Meghan      

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