Prop-Aganda: Props and Inspiration for Photographers: The Blue Suitcase Lady

September 12, 2012

Just wanted to share the story of where I got those suitcases from the rock n' roll baby shoot I posted yesterday. This woman had an unlimited supply of blue suitcases. lol. Loved her. She seemed to share my daughter's obsession with bags and purses! They were stacked and piled and I had to dig through them to pick my two favorites but I am happy with my choices. She told me that her father put all those tassels on the handles to identify them as his at the airport. Love that. Good thinkin' papa. These were some of the cheapest I have found, I bought a large and a small for just $15 total! I think I will go back and see her this month for sure and stock up. We got caught in a flash thunderstorm just after this so I did not have much time to pick though but I am happy with the two I got, I think I just need maybe a brownish one to balance out the cool colors of the grey and blue one I got.   If you want to find this wonderful blue suitcase lady, head to the nashville Flea Market at the fair grounds, it is the last weekend of every month. This lady's booth was not under any of the sheds, if you walk in and go left down that first  pathway along the outside of the shed there, and turn right at the food vendor man, she is just ahead!
What are your thoughts or ideas for old suitcases?   xoxo - Meghan    

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