Prop-Aganda: Props and Inspiration: Vintage Wall of Props: What's Your Favorite Thing?

September 17, 2012

I snuck out yesterday for a bit even though my hubby was sick and baby teething (she was sleeping) sometimes mom just needs to get out of the house and this is my release. My treasure hunting. I love this whole wall of stuff right here. So many different textures. What's your favorite thing in this photo? I love the texture of the soda boxes... and the glass jars, which have a texture all their own in a different way. My one year old is really into sitting on things now, she would love to sit on those boxes. She starts like 4 feet away from the object she wants to sit on, whether it is her bouncy ball or daddy's head when he is laying on the floor playing with her, and starts to walk backwards with her butt sticking out. Then she turns sideways at the last minute and kind of misses her target. Its so adorable. I'd dress her as brightly colored as they are for a bold image!   xoxo - Meghan  

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