December 19, 2011

Have you heard of Rock the Shot Forum? Rock the Shot Forum is a fun and friendly community of photography enthusiasts, ranging from moms wanting to take better pictures of their kids, to seasoned professionals willing to teach you all the tips and tricks of the trade. Have you ever wanted feedback on your images? Rock the Shot members and Mentors are there to offer critique. Need an opinion on a product or vendors? The forum is the perfect place to ask for recommendations and testimonials to make sure your money is well spent. Looking for more intensive or specialized education? Rock the Shot offers amazing workshops to help you achieve your photography goals. Plus, the forum offers exclusive discounts and incredible freebie packets with products from all your favorite vendors. 250x85 Affiliate Banner Need some more incentives to join this wonderful community? You got it!! Sign up for a 3 month membership and get a $20 Gift Card to The Shoppe. Sign up for a 6 month membership and get a $30 Gift Card to The Shoppe. Sign up for a One-Year membership and get a $40 Gift Card to The Shoppe. Sign up for a Lifetime membership and get a $50 Gift Card to The Shoppe. Here’s how to get your free gift card to The Shoppe. 1. Click on the Rock the Shot banner LINK below. You must click on this banner to receive your special gift. 2. After you sign up, email me at and let me know the username you signed up with 3. Watch your email for your special code and then come back and use it in the store!! 300x300 Affiliate Banner This is OUR challenge to you… we’re looking for 30 new members to sign-up this week from The Shoppe. If you are up to the challenge, sign up TODAY by clicking on the Rock the Shot banner for an additional gift from The Shoppe.   Remember, you can also sign-up as an affiliate and earn 20% off of each friend you refer to the forum for the lifetime of their membership. This membership pays for itself and then starts to pay you. How can you go wrong!! Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying all the benefits of membership at Rock the Shot Forum!!! Happy Rocking and Shopping, Heather

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