Shoppe Talk ~ Building Your Brand

September 06, 2010

Shoppe talk ~ Building Your Brand By Rebecca Shostak Hi everyone! This week I would like to talk about something that I feel very strongly about, and one of the main ideas behind most of my work in The Shoppe. In today’s highly competitive market for photography, establishing and developing a cohesive, instantly recognizable brand is an imperative part of successful business. Too often I see photographers using bits and pieces of various branding concepts thrown together as a hodgepodge, violating the very first rule of branding in my book: consistency. I would like to share some insight into how larger brands are developed in the hopes that this may help you, too! Let’s start out with one of the most recognizable brands we see out and about. Who can tell me what this advertisement is for: SnickersSnaxi You guessed it! This is an ad for Snickers, and it doesn’t even say “Snickers” anywhere on it; it doesn’t need to. Because they have developed such a consistent combination of fonts, colors, and layout (the geometric figure with a white background and red border with blue text inside of it), their branding has become universally recognizable in any form. This is the way large brands work, beginning with their name attached to the logo, such as in this vintage Nike print ad: nike1 The above advertisement attaches the name “Nike” to the now-infamous swoosh logo, and after many years of pairing the name “Nike” to the swoosh, we end up seeing ads like these: tiger-woods-nike-commercial There is no need to say “Nike” on this poster; we already know exactly what brand it is advertising! The swoosh has been ingrained in our minds as the visual representation of the Nike brand through years and years of constant visibility in the media. Developing a brand as large as Snickers and Nike may be a little ambitious for a small photography business, but there is no reason why you cannot establish yourself as a branding force within your market using the same basic techniques we see over and over with larger brand advertising. After all, they are only large brands because of all the marketing they have invested in their businesses! With a little hard work and skill in marketing, you, too, can begin to develop you brand as recognizable using cohesive elements over and over in your advertising. We will talk about that in the next installment of Shoppe Talk!

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