Shoppe Talk ~ Choosing A Portrait Location Part Three

August 06, 2010

Here is part three and the conclusion of Choosing A Portrait Location from Meghan Aileen! Thanks for joining us for Shoppe Talk this week! Shoppe Talk ~ Choosing A Portrait Location Part Three Light Light is always of course critical! When choosing a location for portraits I like to look for a variety of light. A great location to me has open sun, open shade and pockets of streaming light as well, maybe through tree branches or a window of your location is indoors. Since we can't control the quality of light outdoors on the day we schedule to shoot due to weather, picking a location with a variety of light will give you the most options to work with when dealing with unpredictable weather conditions. For an indoor location, I work mostly with available light and my flash, so decent natural and artificial light already at the location is a big help, but not the only thing I look for. If the location has all the other things I am looking for, I will make my own light indoors. Here is an example of straight open sun: 0806_01 I love the natural window light at this location, it creates so much mood and drama. This location also has awesome "levels" which brings us to the next thing to look for in a location! 0806_03 0806_04 0806_06 Levels A good portrait location for me also includes several levels for me to use with my subjects. This could mean a bench for them to lay on, a ledge for me to sit them on, steps, even a fence or something for them to lean on. Steps are great for everyone, but especially for kids and/or families. Since getting kids to cooperate and "pose" can be difficult, using steps, benches and chairs...etc for them to sit or stand on can allow you to get more variety with them. 0806_02 Remember Levels can be big or small! Sometimes with kids a few inches off the ground is all you need: 0806_05 And to end the week, here are 2 of my favorite samples of light and levels! 0806_07

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