Shoppe Talk ~ Choosing a Portrait Location Part Two

August 04, 2010

Here is part two of this week's Shoppe Talk Post on Choosing a Portrait Location from Meghan Aileen! Choosing A Portrait Location Part Two On Monday we discussed how a location should have good variety and texture, here are some more things to look for... Depth The next thing I look for in a location is depth. This means that the location has several things at different distances from each other. This may mean it has a stone wall with a tree far behind it, or maybe a bench with a path that runs into the distance. I find that it makes my compositions more interesting when the location has a lot of depth to it. I love when the location has layers to it, it gives me so much to work with and again brings us back to getting a lot of variety out of the session. Here is a sample of an urban location with good depth: 0803_01 0803_02 Remember depth can be up and down too! Here is a sample of some more unique depth: 0803_03 Color I love color! Looking for great color in a location can be a challenging one sometimes, but it is worth it! Color doesn't have to mean bright or rich color, there are many different types of color that photograph beautifully. Maybe it is the deep earthy brown of a wooden barn, or the light gold of a wheat field. I love the subtle golds and pinks and greens in the grass at this location: 0803_04 0803_05 Remember that color has everything to do with light! And sometimes the color IS the light, so keep that in mind when looking for locations! 0803_06 Stay tuned for Friday's post that will conclude this weeks' Shoppe Talk!

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