SHOPPE TALK ~ END OF SUMMER with Photographer Jessica Marchetti

August 24, 2011

Hey Shoppers! We just love our customers and are so excited when they share their designs and inspirations with us. Today our Guest Post is from Photographer Jessica Marchetti. If you haven't seen her famous picture of the Eiffel Tower on our facebook page then you are definitely missing out. She is a natural light family and lifestyle photographer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that photographs children, newborns, families, maternity, engagements, pets, even senior portraits! Today she shares with us her obsession with Pinterest, and her eagerness of fall inspired by a shoot she just did this week. Thanks Jessica for sharing. End of Summer with Photographer Jessica Marchetti I know it may seem crazy to say that it "feels" like summer is ending since it's literally still 104 degrees here in Dallas, but it does. There's some kind of internal clock we all have that goes off and has our bodies shift gears to prepare for fall. Like the fact that I "felt" pre-season football should be on the day before it was televised (I like to think that's a gift). Or that all of a sudden I'm craving the "fall" Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma catalogs so I can get a leg up on my decor and tomato basil soup recipes. It's just that time. And although I'm a mom now - "back to school" won't be something that we even think about in this household for another few years. So what does this time of year have to offer the non mom's or non back to school crowd? Lots. If for some reason you don't have that internal clock - or are just looking for a little "oomfph" to get you out of your heat wave stupor and onto the fall bandwagon there no better place to look than PINTEREST! I mean if you don't know about Pinterest by now I'm pretty sure you've been living under a rock. I'm proud to say that I have been a Pinterest member since just shortly after they opened their doors - and have truly been amazed by how quickly it has grown and how FUN it has been pinning like WHOA. I realized how addicted I was when one morning I came downstairs to brew my coffee and sat down "real quick" to check it out and 2 hours later was still in my PJs, hadn't brushed my teeth and the coffee pot hadn't even been turned on. ROCK. BOTTOM. So now I have an allotted time slot just for pinning and as hard as it might be to stop and walk away it's crucial. Following people who have awesome curated shops helps too! I started this one called "Fall" to get me in that pumpkin carving, leave falling, cardigan wearing spirit. But Pinterest isn't just another social networking site that sucks up your time for no reason, it's actually USEFUL. Very very useful. If you think about it, it's actually the organizational freak's DREAM. A place to digitally store your post-it notes about life. I've got a home decor folder where I put my inspirations for each room in the house. I recently did a home office make-over and had an entire board where I pinned products that would aid me in my redesign. Not only did it get my creative juices flowing - but I found some of the products I ended up purchasing without running all over God's green earth to window shop. I've also got a board for "style." If I'm feeling uninspired when getting dressed to go somewhere fun I'll just jump online to check my style board for a little reminder of cute ways to piece my outfits together. And lastly I have boards for work purposes which is SUPER beneficial. There's my board called "photos that inspire." Every time I see an awesome pose, background, lighting setup, anything that speaks to me as a photographer I post it to my board. Then when preparing for a shoot I'll bring that board back up to get ideas and inspire. And if you need to compartmentalize more just make boards specific to your expertise, maternity, newborn, senior portraits, landscapes, the skies the limit! Then for those like me who also sell your photography on Etsy or another online catalog I create a board with my artwork. That way I can have another avenue to use key phrases and tags AND I link all of my photographs directly to the Etsy page where they are for sale. Every time someone "pins" it to their board that's one more person they are sharing my work (and it's direct shoppable link). I could go on and on about the many reasons to love Pinterest - but that time would be better spent actually putting it to use on their site! [Available on Etsy - pinned on Pinterest] So if you are looking for inspiration or a way to beat the heat and daydream of cool nights Pinterest is where it's at! For more fall inspiration on Pinterest click here, or check out some of the images from my latest session "end of summer" on my blog here. Jessica Marchetti's Website Jessica Marchetti's Blog Jessica Marchetti's Etsy

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