Shoppe Talk ~ Featured Member ~ Audrey Coley Photography

August 16, 2010

Hello Shoppers! Here is a wonderful interview with our Featured Member this week Audrey of Audrey Coley Photography. We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about her and her business, thank you for joining us this week! Have a wonderful day! Shoppe Talk Featured Member Interview Audrey Coley Photography See more of Audrey's work at: How long have you been doing photography? I have been doing photography for about 2 1/2 years. It is my love, passion and something I felt I was called to do. I have always been interested in it, but when my daughter was born I wanted to take great photos of her. I studied everything I could, met some fantastic mentors and the journey began :) Where is your business located? I work in Louisville and Elizabethtown KY. What type of photography do you do? (weddings, portraits, sports...etc) I do on location natural light portraiture, babies, children and high school seniors. My newest love is shooting engagement sessions and weddings. What was the thing that attracted you to photography the most? The ability to create a memory and make it a permanent piece of art. The creative outlet is essential to me; without it I would be lost. Life is so busy and these moments are very important. I want to capture the memories before they're gone. What kind of cameras do you shoot with? I use a Canon 5d Mark II and a Canon XSI as my back up. What is your favorite lens (to shoot with) and why? I love my 50 mm 1.8 prime lens. It almost never leaves my camera. I love the beautiful bokeh and the sharpness it gives my photos. What is your favorite part of running your business? Watching the reactions that my clients have when they see their photos. They look at the photos and remember the memory of each moment. It brings me joy to see their faces. I am so honored to be a part of their lives. What do you feel is the biggest challenge of running your business? The balance of being a Mom and a business owner. Making time for work and time for play :) What do you think your clients like most about your work? They know it's real. I will bring in props and do some shots that are more traditional. (I really love getting eye contact and a strong connection). However, most of the session is me talking and playing with their child. I want each session to be really custom and tailored specifically for the client. Every session is unique and I love that! How has The Shoppe helped your business? The shoppe has products that enable me to set myself apart because they are so custom! My wedding brand is fantastic and the shoppe is the reason why :) What is your favorite section or item in The Shoppe? Thats really hard because I love everything! :) If I had to pick- the textures and the cards would top my list! We asked Audrey to share some of her beautiful images with us. Here is a sample of some of her work: audrey_coley01 audrey_coley02 audrey_coley03 audrey_coley05 audrey_coley04 audrey_coley06 audrey_coley07 audrey_coley08

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