Shoppe Talk: Featured Photographer Skye Hardwick

August 15, 2011

Good Morning Shoppers, We are so happy to be bringing back our featured photographer section on The Shoppe. And what better person to kick off this section of the blog than Skye Hardwick of Reverie the blog , Owner of Work of Heart Photography and founder of the Workshop Workbook? She will also be speaking at For The Love Workshop in October. We absolutely love her work and the inspiration she brings to other photographers. Her images are purely magical. To see more of Skye's work visit: To visit Skye's inspiration blog visit:  How long have you been doing photography? I have been in business for over seven years. Amazing how quickly time passes! Where is your business located? I am located in Southern California, but also photograph clients in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (which is where I am originally from) a few times a year. What type of photography do you do? Child photography - my niche are the ages of 2 to 12 What was the thing that attracted you to photography the most? I feel in love with photography in the 8th grade. It was the last day of school and I was sad to be moving away from the school and friends I've come to know and love, so I took my camera to school that day. I took pictures of everything; even the school bus driving away for the last time. This was the time I made the connection between capturing memories, and the feelings woven within them, and my camera. I haven't looked back.  What kind of cameras do you shoot with? I'm a Nikon girl -- I shoot with the D700 What is your favorite lens to shoot with and why? I love prime lenses. Especially the 50mm 1.4g & the 85mm 1.4g lenses. They are tack sharp and I don't mind zooming with my feet. What is your favorite part of running your business? Having the opportunity to do what I love everyday. There are millions of people who, for one reason or another, are not able to do what they love. I'm greatly blessed and don't take it for granted.  What do you think your clients like most about your work? How I approach my work, how I am in tuned to my personal style - not trying to be like so-and-so photographer, but stick to what I'm about. This way my work comes more natural, authentic, not forced. It shows in the final images -- as they say in each image is not only the subject, but a part of the photographer as well.  How has The Shoppe helped your business? Offering products and actions that give me the opportunity to offer my clients a unique product that matches the feel and look of my business and style. What is your favorite section or item in The Shoppe? Hands down, the nostalgic actions set, I use them all the time. Especially Cream & Contrast, Milk, Color Film & Vintage Film. Thanks Skye for sharing and being our featured photographer this month at The Shoppe.  Below you will be inspired by some of her lovely images.

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