Shoppe Talk~Inspiration: Senior Marketing Cards

June 09, 2011

blogcustomer Our Shoppe Talk today comes from Jessica of Jessica Marchetti Photography. As you may notice Jessica is always finding creative ways to use our products from The Shoppe . Here she has created senior marketing cards from our Iris Butter Branding pack. Jessica writes "The first thing that drew me to The Shoppe Designs was around the holidays of 2010. I was linked to the site from one of the photography forums I was on at the time and was instantly drawn to the card "Parisian Peace." The look and feel were so romantic and ethereal - a mixture of vintage and modern. I was HOOKED. Three days later I asked for a yearly membership for my birthday and I was off and running as the latest shoppe member." "Since then I've downloaded just about every item offered. From the vintage brushes to the gorgeous actions. The identity packs are amazing - even if you don't find an initial use for each item you'll think of new and inventive ways to use the templates for your needs. For example, I turned one of the DVD covers into a holiday card for a client and she loved it. The layout, text and elements were perfect for what she wanted. Iris Butter is my favorite graphics collection - I've used it for some of my marketing cards and fabulous tip accordions." Jessica We love how these cards stand out from the rest and show her individual style. Thanks so much for the share Jessica. If you would like to share designs and inspirations on The Shoppe please email

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