Shoppe Talk ~ Inspiration ~ Street Style!

September 20, 2010

Shoppe Talk ~ Inspiration ~ Street Style! By Mariann Marcum Hello, Shoppe folks, nice to see you again. I hope you’ve been well, and have been giving your shutters some exercise! I’m back this time to share a splash of street style. With various fall Fashion Weeks rolling out all over the globe, it’s fitting for us to give a nod to fashion. It’s also nice to freshen things up with some contemporary perspectives on photography. This week, I will share some images from three great street style blogs. Street style shooting has become a prevalent practice among fashion-loving photographers, along with the convention of sharing their shots in blog form. The best blogs are known by name and are well loved by captivated fashionistas the world over. Today’s selection is from Stil [Style] in Berlin. Started in 2006 by Mary Scherpe, Stil is one of the top Street Style blogs, consistently hitting it with fantastic portraits. Mary and her co-photog-blogger Dario Natale have serious fashion eagle eyes, and have the skill to quickly edit a look, with a pose, with a background, in the streets of Berlin (or wherever travels and life take them) at the drop of a hat. This is Dario and Mary—quite charming, no? 1-Street This first street shot is of a woman named Anna, a student in Reykjavik. Apparently Dario Natale spent a nice little bit of time there, based on the quantity of posts coming from him from Iceland. (Click on the images to visit the actual blog entries.) 2-Street I love Anna’s relaxed look here, despite that fact that she is bundling up in resistance to what must be a crisp cold day, because you can almost see it in her pink cheeks. Also, I didn’t know that blankets were an en vogue outerwear option, did you? Though this is initially odd to me, the colors and textures going on really add something—not only to the look, but to her attitude. Her gaze tells me, “yes, I know I’m wearing a blanket, and I like it!” I often find that a common quality of my favorite portraits is successfully capturing the confidence of the subject. Example A, for Anna! This next portrait is of Nora Tschirner, 29. The light and background are lovely, and allow Nora and her look be the main focus—and what an interesting look it is! When I first saw that belt and suitcase, I thought to myself “she’s a real character;” and then I read that she is an actor. : ) 3-Street I also love the placement of the blue-gray line in the background architecture. Such great compositional design! This next portrait is of Martina, photographed outside a flea market. She is a 27 year old Ph.D. student—talk about smart dressing! I love the stripes of the tent juxtaposed with her own stripes, and the drape of those trousers is quite bold. If I ever came across big trousers like that, I’m not sure I’d know how to work them. Kudos, Martina—you look great! 4-Street And on to the other end of the spectrum, here is Peter, who is an 83 year old retired chef. All I can say is that I hope to be half as cool as Peter as I get older. 5-Street Alright, folks—tune back in on Wednesday for more Street Style Portraits!

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