Shoppe Talk ~ Inspiration ~ Street Style!! Part Three

September 24, 2010

Shoppe Talk ~ Inspiration ~ Street Style!! Part Three by Mariann Marcum Welcome back! Thanks for joining me in one last installment of our look at Street Style Photography. Today, I decided to look at a blog that has a heavy concentration of male subjects. I wanted to pull myself out of the tendency to pay more attention to fashion for women, which extends to being more drawn to fashion images of women. The portraits featured on Gunnar Hämmerle’s Style Clicker blog made this very easy. The men he depicts have an impeccable sense of personal style, and Mr. Hämmerle really knows how to work their looks against the available landscape. Here is a little quip from the Style Clicker About Me page; “THE IDEA: Fashion & style from the streets of Munich and around the world. ABOUT ME: I have more shoes than my wife and my camera [is] always with me.” This first image I’m sharing today caught my attention right away. The black wall in the background is a fantastically odd detail. It also works to give a nice dark value behind the subject to make his jacket pop even more than it intrinsically does. I image that yellow bike deep behind our focal plane was a very happy coincidence that somehow had to be squeezed into the shot! 10-Street This next image is quite the opposite of the first—we have a monochromatic look against a very neutral environmental background. This choice makes two things shoot forward—the subject’s gaze, and his pendant. What a powerful portrait! 11-Street This made me think of the circumstance of this image coming into being; that this young man, who got up that day and dressed just so, crossed Gunnar Hammerle’s path nearby this building. It feels a bit magical to me. J (If any of you out there have info that this was all pre-arranged, please, keep me in ignorant bliss!) This next image is of David, who, like Jessie from this week’s first post, has his own style blog. ***link “style blog” to x **** He already looks like a character, but I love the way the perfectly round spectacles make him look even more so. The odd styling of the string in his pocket and feathers on his lapel play well off his script tattoo, and keep your eye moving around the look. The pattern of the brick outlines behind him also creates a graphic pattern that plays off David’s plaid jacket. There is a brilliant balance of normality and peculiarity in this image. 12-Street This final image goes totally into the realm of the peculiar, as the sun hitting the glass wall in the background creates an extreme latitude of values that stretch beyond the camera’s grasp. The background appears to be brushed over with broad strokes of hot white, leaving only a few slivers of reflection and concrete as the environment for the subject. 13-Street Named only as “Mr. Lee,” this curious figure is literally shrouded in mystery, sporting his draped and layered look. Could you guess that this portrait was actually made in New York City? This looks like some other place or time, and that Mr. Lee might be a time-traveling folk hero… Well, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s been amazing to see how the very simple formula of taking a frontal, full-body vertical portrait on the street could yield so many different and fantastic images! This very special niche of photography shows us how we can make amazing pictures under the seemingly “same ol’” conditions week after week. It reminds us to be present and alert, always examining our surroundings, and constantly looking for those bits of personality in our subjects—be they internal or external. Thanks for reading this fun mini-series on Street Style photography. I hope you enjoyed it! See you soon! Best, MM

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