Shoppe Talk ~ Inspiration ~ Street Style!! Part Two

September 22, 2010

Shoppe Talk ~ Inspiration ~ Street Style!! Part Two by Mariann Marcum Happy Wednesday to you Shoppe Talkers out there, and happy whatever-day-of-the-week-it-is if you are reading this on another day. : ) We are back to look at some more Street Style photography, this time from Copenhagen! Today’s looks and portraits are coming from the blog Copenhagen Street Style. The photographers are somewhat elusive, as they don’t outwardly publish their name along with their work. After some digging on the internets, I found the names Jenny and Søren attached to this blog, as well as a MySpace profile which reads this: “About me: What is Copenhagen Street Style? Contrary to what most people would think Copenhagen Street Style is not about fashion or labels. It is a style-blog that aims at showing how the young and the creative of Copenhagen express themselves with clothes.” I kind-of love that the photogs prefer to go unnamed, and just enjoy putting out the good work. (Jenny and Søren, you must have very fulfilling day jobs to not seek all the credit for these amazing portraits!) This first image is of Jessie, who actually co-runs her own fashion blog, Les Mads 6-Street The sheer silk pastels in Jessie’s look catch the late summer sunlight so nicely. Even against the steel scaffolding and bustling city background, she looks soft and serene—what a lovely juxtaposition. This next shot is of Hoa, 26, a student. I love his bold pairing of red and green—in March! I also love the play on pattern/repetition between Hoa’s coat buttons and the windows of the building in the background. The diminishing perspective adds a great energy here as well. 7-Street Next up is a portrait of Nathalie. In this image, you can especially appreciate the fantastic effect of the photographer dropping the lens to the center of the desired frame (as opposed to keeping the lens at standing-height and tilting it down to capture a full-body frame). It lends this petite young lady a poise and stature to match her adventurous look. Her presence becomes subtly stronger, as her head and shoulders loom above the shop windows. 8-Street The last image for today is of Ninaliba, an artist’s assistant. (This one comes from last summer, when the CSS folks captioned the photos with this hand-written feel.) The receding cobblestone path and the rows of trees in this image create a great background that seems to push the subject forward. In a slight twist from the first portrait, I like how this one juxtaposes Ninaliba’s sleek dark look against a softly textured natural environment (well, somewhat natural—there are trees and stones. J ) 9-Street Alright, Shoppe’rs, tune back in Friday for one last blast of street style!

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