Shoppe Talk ~ Living A Balanced Life ~ Part One

August 30, 2010

Shoppe Talk ~ Living A Balanced Life ~ Part One Hello Everyone! This week I want to talk about something on a more personal level, and hope to be able to help some of you with this idea, or at the least to avoid some of the mistakes I have made! :) Living a balanced life as a business owner is a challenge to say the least, especially for the first few years as we strive to grow our business as quickly as we can. With no set boundaries, or boss to tell us it is quitting time, we need to learn how to set these things ourselves. When your passion is also your livelihood drawing those boundaries can be quite difficult. First I want to say that it took me an extra long time to figure this out, in fact I am still working on it every day! It is not an easy task for a workaholic like myself, but hopefully if you are new to running a business or even burnt out after overworking yourself for several years, these ideas will help to ease your pain a bit! To Do Lists and Schedules: The main thing that keeps me focused is my schedule and to do lists. I use the program "Things" for MAC and it is fantastic. I also use iCal for my schedule and most of what is on my calendar is meetings, shoots, events, and week long specials...etc. My to do list has begun to give me back my life. I am able to write down everything that needs to be done and keep it organized. Every time an email comes in with something a client needs done, it goes into the to do list. Once everything is in the to do list it gets organized into days. I look at my overall calendar and see what needs to be done when and that way, I know what I need to deal with on each given day. Then break that day into hours and stick to it. One thing that gets me stressed and keeps me overworking myself is knowing all of the things I have to do and not specifying exactly when they need to be done. If I don't specify, I just think I have to keep working until EVERYTHING is done. And of never is :) Deadlines: So give yourself deadlines on a daily basis and stick to them. Keep your email closed and phone off during intense editing times or other scheduled items that require computer work. Close Facebook, the forums, everything during those times and just focus on the task at hand. Schedule The Fun Stuff Too: One important thing about this method is to also schedule in breaks, lunch, exercise, family time, whatever you need to do to keep yourself feeling balanced. This is all part of the challenge and the beauty of working for yourself! Stay tuned for Wednesday's installment!!! Have a great Monday everyone! I will leave you with this image to remind you that running your business and your life is a journey not a destination and we need to continually try to treat it accordingly and enjoy the ride. :) 8-30

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