Shoppe Talk ~ Living A Balanced Life ~ Part Three

September 03, 2010

Welcome back to the final installment of Shoppe Talk this week!! Meghan finishes talking about living a balanced life and wants to wish you a wonderful holiday weekend! Even though weekends don't usually mean much to us photographers. :) Take some time to go to a BBQ this weekend or something fun!! Time Management We all seem to want more time in the day, I know I always think if I just had more time I could get more done. But I am learning that is is really more about how we spend the time we do have that is so important. Evaluate the way you spend your day. Be aware of it for a week or so, maybe even keep a journal or calendar of how you actually spend your time. Then go through it and see what you can adjust. Things like: shopping in bulk, ordering things online, having your groceries delivered, not going out during rush hour if you don't have to...are all things that can "give you more time" in your day. What time do you go to bed at night? Could you not watch that extra hour of TV at night and get up an hour earlier instead? Tools For The Job Having the right tools for the job is also something that can help save time. Having more than one computer for me is really helpful because I can run tasks like resizing or uploading images on one, while editing on the other. Investing in several battery chargers is another way to condense the time for recharging between shoots. Automatic back up systems can also help save us time. Once you evaluate what takes up most of your time you will be able to determine how to eliminate or shorten that time! Inspire Yourself It is easy to get caught up in all the "business" stuff and lose the inspiration when we get overworked. Schedule in time to inspire yourself! Maybe it is an assignment you give yourself each week to shoot something personal, maybe it is going to museums to gaze at art in person. Look at art other than another photographer's work you admire online that does what you do. Try looking at sculpture to inspire poses, or painters to inspire texture and composition! And of course our very own Mariann's Shoppe Talk where she gives us wonderful inspiration from unexpected sources! I hope you have enjoyed this week's Shoppe Talk! I am still working on these concepts every day and I certainly know it is easier said than done, but sometimes we just need to be reminded of what can be done when we get caught up in what seems like endless work! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!! This summer, the gorgeous textures and color of Charleston, SC inspired me and I actually did some personal shooting for the first time in a long time... balancedlife3

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