Shoppe Talk ~ Living A Balanced Life ~ Part Two

September 01, 2010

Welcome back to part two of Living A Balanced Life on Shoppe Talk! Today I want to continue discussing ways to help us to keep living a balanced life while successfully running our businesses. On Monday we discussed To Do Lists and Schedules. Today I would like to discuss outsourcing and assistants. I Can Do It All Myself An important part of running a business is knowing when and what to get help with. Doing everything yourself seems like a good idea, but can potentially lead to a bad case of burnout and cause more damage to your business than good. I did this for many years before realizing what I was doing to myself. I kept thinking, why would I pay someone else to do something I am capable of doing? While that seems like it makes sense, the problem is that there is just too much to do and only so many hours in the day! After awhile the balance in your life gets compromised and what was once your passion has become a source of stress and a burden. Decide Who Does What There are many different aspects of your business and your life for that matter that can be outsourced. It is a matter of taking your strengths and playing them up and having someone else do the things you are not very good at or just really don't like doing. The things we don't like doing tend to slow us down. For me, I have a hard time focusing on things I don't like to do! Evaluate the parts of your daily work/life that you feel you are good at or are important for you to do in order to maintain the quality you want to deliver your clients. For me, editing my images is imperative for me to do myself. The administrative stuff is my weakness, so for me having an in house assistant for those things became a necessity. Maybe for you spending hours on the computer editing image is not what you prefer to do, and you just want to focus on shooting and talking with your clients giving them great personal customer service. So outsourcing your culling and color correcting may be the way to go for you. Household And don't forget household tasks as well! Maybe you can hire a housekeeper! For me I work so many hours that I would rather spend my time that I am not working with my family and friends so cleaning is great thing for me to outsource! It may be scary to start spending money on these things, but I have found that the more time I can spend on the bigger picture of my business and not on the smaller things, the easier it is for my business to grow. It also allows me to stay passionate about what I do which comes through in my work and to my clients! Stay tuned for the final installment on Friday! I will leave you with a peaceful image I shot in South Carolina this year on my vacation: balancedlife2

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