Shoppe Talk ~ Making Our Templates Your Own ~ Brushes

August 13, 2010

Happy Friday! Here is the third and final tutorial this week from Rebecca, we hope you enjoy it! See you Monday with our next featured member!! Shoppe Talk ~ Making Our Templates Your Own ~ Part Three Working With Brushes Hi everyone! In this final post for the week I would like to talk about how to use our photoshop brushes to bring your photos, designs, and albums to life! Photoshop brushes are a very fun and easy way to customize items quickly and elegantly. The Shoppe sports an extensive collection of brushes for all sorts of products, locations, and photography themes, and with just a little bit of skill you can fully take advantage of everything we have to offer! To start with, I would like to point to you a tutorial we already have up on how to install your photoshop brushes. You can view the tutorial by going here: Once you have the brushes loaded you would like to use, you’re ready for some fun! I’m going to be playing with the “Spring Thing” brush pack in an album design for demonstration purposes. I am starting with this plain spread from the “Pure and Simple” album template: 1 The first thing I try to look at when deciding how to use brushes on an album spread is the overall color toning. In this particular instance, I feel that the spread has an overall light lemon/peachy feel with desaturated blue and green undertones. I’d like to use my brush in this particular instance to bring out the blue tones on the spread, especially on the right hand side. I’m going to use the eyedropper tool to pick out an actual blue tone from the photo to use for my brush. Just select the eyedropper from your tools pallete and left-click the area you’d like to select a color from. 2 Once you have your color picked out, start playing with brushes! I always recommend creating a new layer underneath your photos (or on top, for a different effect!) so that you can play with coloring on the brushes later on if you’d like. Here are some different things I’m playing with for this particular spread: 3 Notice how using brushes of a certain color from the spread seems to pop that color out on the photographs! 4 On the spread above, the pink beige tone of the element brings most attention to that color in the photos. Below, the green element draws attention to the greener areas of the photography! 5 Here are some more tips for fun with brushes: - Use a different layer for every brush element you have so that you can play with the colors and sizing individually. It can be fun to resize and rotate the brush elements with the transform tool (Control / Command + T) to get the sizing and orientation you want. A lot of times I will rotate my brushes to get the perfect orientation in relation to the photos! - Try playing with opacity on your brush layers. Sometimes it’s nice to have a very subtle element in the background just to break up the white space. You don’t always have to use bold colors! - Different brushes work better with different photos and spreads. Try choosing brushes that match your photos in some way, either with similar outlines, curves, or patterns. Squint your eyes at the main photo on your spread and if a line or form pops out at you, I can almost guarantee you a brush element with a similar curve or shape will compliment it very nicely! Just for fun, here are a few more things to do with brushes on our spread: 6 7 Have fun with the brush packs! They’re here to make your life easy! And just remember, if you have a request for a special-themed brush pack, just let us know in our suggestion box on the Shoppe forum. Talk to you in a few weeks and happy designing!

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