Shoppe Talk ~ Making Our Templates Your Own ~ Logos

August 11, 2010

Thank you for joining us for the second tutorial this week on how to customize our templates. Rebecca shows you how to customize our pre-made logos to make them work for you! Shoppe Talk ~ Making Our Templates Your Own ~ Part Two Hi there again! In this post I am going to talk about how to take pre-made logos and make them uniquely your own using a few simple design principles! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of logos in today’s broadening photography market, as having a bold and eye-catching logo will greatly aid in developing brand recognition for your business. The following is a small sampling of the ways you can easily manipulate our pre-made logos to fit your own style! Let’s start with the Daniel Smith logo we have for sale. Here it is in its original format: logos1 Say I have a longer name and I want to change it. If I were to simply put in my longer name and not work with type at all, it would look like this: logos2 If I simply want to shrink it to fit across the “STUDIO” lettering, I can use the transform tool by clicking on the text layer I am trying to transform and then type Control (pc) or Command (mac) + T, and the transform gizmo pops right up, looking like this: logos3 While holding down SHIFT, (this is very important because it maintains the aspect ratio of the item you are trying to transform) drag the top right corner of the text until it pleasingly fits on top of the STUDIO. Use the up,down, right, and left arrow keys to nudge the text layer to taste. Your logo already starts to look infinitely better: logos4 If you like the typography of one of the logos but want to change out the background element to something else, use one of our brush packs with design elements and play with the background! Here are a few quick samples of what you can do with just the Daniel Smith logo and Wild Magnolia Design’s “Overgrown” brush pack! logos5 As you can see with these examples, you can use color, scaling, and different elements to create completely different looks and feels for your business while building off of the solid typography already set in place for you with the Shoppe premade logos! Here are some different quick tips to try: - Try using 2 separate colors for “STUDIO” or “photography” and your business name. This creates an interesting contrast and allows you to establish several colors as your primary business colors - Move the different text layers around and see what you like! Sometimes offsetting the layers can create a more interesting, organic look, like the green and yellow in the bottom right corner above. Having the 2 layers directly on top of each other creates a more serious and traditional look, so tailor your design to your business principles! - Using an organic element to come off of a letter in the name can create a very bold effect. For example, the vine element attached to the “O” in the bottom right hand logo creates a very inique and distinguishable design that you can later use by itself. If this were my logo, I would use just the “O” with the vine later on as my watermark and logo abbreviation for letterhead! Try playing with some of our logos and you will be amazed at all of the unique combinations you can create as the new face of your business. And if you aren’t feeling creative, not to worry... just inserting your business name into the standard pre-made Shoppe logos will instantly create a beautiful logo for you without much work!

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