Shoppe Talk ~ Presenting Yourself ~ Part One

September 27, 2010

Shoppe Talk ~ Presenting Yourself ~ Part One by Meghan Aileen Happy Monday! Today I want to talk a little about presenting yourself to potential clients. There are many different factors involved in making a good impression on people. People do judge you on where they meet you, how you look when they do and how you make them feel when they talk to you. Where To Meet ~ Location, Location, Location... First I want to start with where you meet people. There is a lot of debate about meeting potential clients in public places, such as coffee shops. While this may seem like a good idea, and maybe you think it is your only option. Some photographers say they can't afford a studio space and the coffee shop is the only other option. In my opinion there are several other options that many people do not consider. Here are just two of the best options I know of for having a professional feeling space to meet without paying for a full time studio. 1. If you are just starting out and really have no money at all, I suggest a high end hotel lobby or restaurant/bar instead of a coffee shop. They tend to be classier, quieter and more stylish! You can order a pitcher of lemonade or something and treat your clients to a high class atmosphere. Coffee shops are much more unreliable in terms of atmosphere, and to someone who is potentially going to give you thousands of dollars they don't instill a lot of confidence. 2. Get a shared meeting space! Find some other vendors you get a long with and rent a space together that is just for meetings. You can book the space on a Google calendar and know who will be there when. You can each have your own promotional materials and decor out and sell each other at the same time!! It doesn't have to be a big space, just enough room for a small table and some cool chairs. But it should be in a good location, at least not in a bad neighborhood. Another thing I think is important is that it is easy to get to. They don't have to go through several hallways, 2 stair cases and an elevator...etc. They whole experience needs to be convenient and classy! The more they feel that the more money they will feel comfortable spending on you. :) Where would you feel comfortable spending more money? The beautiful Ritz Carlton, with classy service and decor? ritz.0611 Or Starbucks which is usually full of people with blenders going, sticky tables..etc... Starbucks See you next time!!!

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