Shoppe Talk ~ Presenting Yourself ~ Part Two

September 30, 2010

Shoppe Talk ~ Presenting Yourself by Meghan Aileen We talked on Monday about where to meet clients and how that affects the outcome of your meeting. Today I want to discuss a little about presenting YOU. How you dress and act is a very important part of meeting with new clients. I can't tell you what to wear exactly as that greatly depends on your market, clientele, the city you live in...etc. For example, in my market in Los Angeles, people don't expect you to dress in business attire, in fact in my market of creative people it would actually hinder my first impression on people. Dressing stylish and modern is really the most important thing. You want to show your personality and own style with how you dress for your client meetings. If you always wear business attire and that is who you are that may be the way to go at your client meetings. If the area you live in is more of a business district and the people you want to attract are also business professionals then a suit and tie may win you a great impression with them. The next thing that is important is how you talk to your clients. Be engaging and friendly, be interested in THEM. People love people that are interested in them! Especially when they are getting married, the one time in their life they get to have it be all about them. :) Ask questions, make eye contact...etc. Never answer their questions with one word answers, always engage them and elaborate! Many people say that their clients hire them for their work, so how they present themselves doesn't matter, but in my experience in business and in life that is not all that matters. If they like your work and someone else's work equally, the thing that will make you stand out....IS YOU! Thank you for joining us this week on Shoppe Talk!!

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