Shoppe Talk ~ The Wedding Day Timeline

July 05, 2010

Our tip this week comes from Meghan Aileen on the Wedding Day Timeline: This will be a three part post so stay tuned for the rest of the tips throughout the week!! 1. Being part of the pre-planning of the wedding day is very important for us as photographers. Even if your client has a wedding planner, there is no guarantee that they have hired a good one, or that the coordinator cares what you need to get your job done. So ask for the timeline at least 3 weeks before the date, look it over and give your feedback. Go over everything starting with what time the bride is starting her hair and makeup. If it doesn't look like there is more than enough time for this, then suggest to the bride to move up the time. Hair and makeup are among the most common delays for the wedding day. Also many brides underestimate how long it takes to get into their dress and out the door. If you are doing photos before the ceremony these two things will be the most important to pay attention to on the timeline, making sure they are padded with plenty of time. When your bride is not rushed she is happy and enjoying the process...she looks kinda like this shot here. Late brides look angry and tense. No one wants that! :) Ask her before the wedding if she has a corset on her dress. This makes a big difference in the time it takes to put it on. A corset can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes so make sure there is enough time in the schedule. I find it helpful to also make sure the bridesmaids are dressed before the bride gets her dress on. This way when they are helping her into her dress, you don't have girls in jeans, sweats, or towels in your photos! Ok that is it for today! Check back on Wednesday for part two!! Click on the button above to subscribe to our Shoppe Talk newsletter to get notified when a new tip has been posted!!! All images are edited with Meghan Aileen's Nostalgia Action set: CLICK HERE to get them for yourself! See more of Meghan's Work here:

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