Shoppe Talk ~ Wedding Day Timeline Part 2

July 07, 2010

Hello Folks! Here is part 2 this week from Meghan Aileen on the wedding day timeline! Ok so you have made it through getting ready (see part 1 post) and through the ceremony...awesome. Lets move on to my least favorite thing...the family portraits. If you are doing all the family, bridal party, and couple photos after the ceremony, chances are you will not have much time. Most locations allow only 50 minutes or so for cocktail hour. In that time you will have to get everyone organized, and shoot every combination of family portrait that Aunt Martha can think of, then be very creative with whatever location and light you have for the bridal party.. then somehow get the couple to be relaxed and romantic in many creative wonderfully lit spots! One thing that may help is to make sure that the couple hides right after the ceremony. If they stand in the back after their exit then every guest as they come out will want to hug and chat! 45 minutes later you will be starting your photos and have to be done in 5 minutes :) Have your list in hand! Always get a list beforehand of exactly what combinations of family the bride and groom want. This way you don't waste time doing combinations of people they really don't need, and don't miss something that is important to them. Make sure to ask for this at least a month or two ahead of time. When the wedding gets close the clients tend to forget things. :) Make sure your assistant, the coordinator's assistant, or a responsible bridesmaid is there to help round people up for their family photo. Remember people are there to have a good time and celebrate. They are not in the mode of being told what to do usually. So speak loudly and firmly, while still being nice. Start with the largest group first, and do as many shots with that combination of people that are on your list, then let go the ones you are done with. Elderly and kids should be done first, as well as extended family, then moving on to immediate family. Bring a highlighter and cross off what you have done, believe me, it will be easy to forget! Keep everything moving, without pausing, wedding guests are like sharks and they can smell fear, and a lack of authority, and you will get run over if you don't stand your ground and keep them in line. But of course in a positive manner! Sometimes it can help to make a joke about them not cooperating, such as " Hey dad, I see those wandering eyes...haha.." Or something else cheesy and silly, but calling them out for their behavior. :) Ok that is it for part two today! Stay tuned for part 3 on Friday! Be sure to subscribe above if you want to be notified, happy Wednesday everyone.

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