Shoppe Talk ~ Wedding Day Timeline Part 3

July 09, 2010

Welcome back! Are you ready for part 3 of the wedding day timeline tips? Here is the final part of this week's Shoppe Talk from Meghan Aileen.... Once you have finished with the family, do one in that location with the bridal party just in case you don't make it to more creative spots in time. Then check the clock and venture to another predetermined location for a more creative bridal party shot. Do at least 2 poses with them in case the maid of honor thinks she looks fat in one of them, and then let them all go to the cocktail hour. Do not let them stay for the couple photos. You will most likely not get any kind of romance with them there. It will also be very distracting and you won't get as much done with the couple in your limited time with them. It may be a good idea at this point to send your second shooter if you have one to go do details. If you wait until you are done with the couple, it is highly likely that the guests will be in the reception room ruining all of the beautiful details before you have documented them. While it is best to get them yourself, it is better to get something then nothing. Have your second shooter start with an overall shot of the room. That is the hardest thing to get without any people in it. Once you get there you can shoot the centerpieces from creative angles to avoid people walking in if you run out of time, but the overall shot will be lost if not gotten first. After the grand entrance, things are usually pretty straight forward. Ask the coordinator or caterer when you will be fed and ask if possible you need to be fed when the bride and groom eat. Usually caterers don't feed the vendors until after all the guests have been fed, but this is really not the best plan. After they have been fed, they will be starting dancing, or toasts or any number of things that you will need to be shooting. Before you know it it will be 11pm and you have not eaten yet. Make sure to have in your contract that you must be fed a meal and discuss when with the bride and groom or coordinator beforehand if possible. Worst comes to worst, you and your second shooter can take turns eating and hopefully find a few minutes in between the events of the evening. A good time to shoot the rings is when the couple is eating as well, (that is if you are not being fed) If you are then right before or after you eat is a good time. Take the rings from them and find something unique to do with them. You should have at least 10 minutes for this, and I find it is less rushed then before the ceremony when people keep trying to get me to shoot the rings! This is also a good time to shoot other random details you may have missed, such as the guest book, or a close up of one of the seating cards. Well that is pretty much it for the timeline tips! Stay tuned for more specific shooting tips for different parts of the wedding day and we look forward to seeing you next time on Shoppe Talk!

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