Shoppe Talk ~ Working With Type Part 2

July 14, 2010

Hello Everyone! Here is part two of Rebecca's tutorial on working with type in Photoshop. Here she discusses letterspacing.... Letterspacing: The second powerful tool in Photoshop to quickly improve large blocks of type as well as headlines is the letterspacing tool. Letterspacing dictates the space between each letter or character. You could look at it like the lineheight tool changes the vertical aspect of the type, while the letterspacing changes the horizontal. You can find the letterspacing tool right below the lineheight tool in the Photoshop Character panel: Right now our text block is set to the default letterspacing value in Photoshop, which is 0. I would like to see the text breathing just a little bit more between the characters to give it a little more legibility and lightness. The letters are a little "jammed together" as it stands. Sometimes increasing the letterspacing in very small increments can make a big difference in how the words feel and read. If we increase the letterspacing to 25, our text already starts to read better: Ok that will do it for today! Stay tuned for part three of this tutorial on Friday!

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