Shoppe Talk ~ Working With Type Part 3

July 16, 2010

Ok here is the final part of Rebecca's three part post this week on working with type in Photoshop! The Headline: Lastly, let's play with our headline. I'd like to see it match the body type a little more as the letters feel a little crowded as it stands. If we increase the letterspacing to 25, it still feels crowded. Since the headline is a larger font than the body text, we need to "open" up the type to about double the body text to give it that light and airy feeling. There's no set way of determining the settings, so sometimes you just have to keep playing with it until you get something you like! I found that 50 was still a little too crowded, but 75 was too much, so I settled on 60 to get this: There it is! With just a little bit of playing with the lineheight and letterspacing tools, we were able to turn a cramped and uninteresting block of type into a more readable, interesting, and professional design. I highly encourage you to play with these settings to help your designs have better typography. That will do it for this week's Shoppe Talk! Thanks for stopping by and see you Monday everyone!!!

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