Stop Asking for Business! ~ Business Tips for Photographers from The Shoppe Marketeer

June 25, 2014

marketing for photographers, free photoshop This week's business tip for photographers from The Shoppe Marketeer is going to be short & sweet! Let's face it, as small business owners, we are all busy like little bees and sometimes, more than anything, you just want someone to get the point. This week's point.... if you want more business, STOP ASKING FOR IT! Sound harsh? It's not really. I promise. :-) I'm also not suggesting that you just sit back and wish for it, or try to dream it up or hope that if you work hard enough it will just come to you. I am, however, suggesting that you turn your "if's" into "when's & how's"! Have you taken my advice in Streamlining Photography Client Meetings? If so, then you're preparing to go into your client meetings and consultations with all the information that you need to present what you have to offer specifically for each "potential" client or buyer, but how often do you find yourself in meetings saying, "If I shoot your wedding....." or "If you choose me as your photographer......" or even "IF you purchase this album?". When you do, you are asking for a client's a business. You are asking them to buy something. Change your "if's" to "when's" and by the end of the conversation, your potential client will already feel like they are your client. They are going to feel as though you have just discussed a PLAN for HOW things will be WHEN you shoot for them, not some IDEA of IF they did! Don't tell someone how you MIGHT capture their special moments, but how you WILL capture them. No one will be able to imagine how something that you could capture for them will look on their wall, but they can imagine what you will capture for them! As for me, I could wrap by telling you what would happen IF you took my advice, but I'm going to tell that WHEN you do, you'll start closing more sales in consultations and meetings!  ;-) marketing for photographers, business tips for photographers, free photoshop templates  

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