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June 10, 2014

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Business Tips for Photographers ~ The ABC’s of SEO


  Last week on the blog, I brought you a great first step in The ABC's of SEO for professional photographers, and promised you more letters in the ABC'S of SEO to come. As it turns out, in the SEO alphabet, there is not one H but THREE H'S and all are important to your blog's On Page SEO. What are these "H's"? They are your headings tags. Headings are pieces of HTML code that allow you to make certain words stand out on a page and they do more than make your blog easier to read and more balanced on the page. They also alert search engines as to what content you have on the page which helps you appear in appropriate search results. When you using Wordpress, the process is simplified and knowledge of HTML is not necessary. Your access to the Headings Tags is in the drop down menu below your font effects in the toolbar above your text composition box as can be shown in the screenshot below.   free photoshop templates, free photoshop actions, marketing for photographers


So how do you use the three H's now that you know where they are and what they mean to your SEO? You think back to last week and those keywords you jotted down to help point the right potential clients to your site, and any key words that may be of importance in each particular blog post. For instance, I want photographers who are seeking business tips to find my Shoppe Marketeer blog posts, so I use " Business Tips for Photographers" in my headings. You always want to make an effort in every blog post to use H1 (as your title) and then H2 and H3 with the inclusion of your keywords. We can use last week's example of my Shoppe Marketeer blog as an example. It's always easier to show than it is to tell, so take a look at the screenshot below where the headings (H1,H2, and H3) were used.   free photoshop templates, free photoshop actions, marketing for photographers   How exactly do you use the headings function simply in Wordpress? Highlight and click! Much the way you would italicize a grouping of words or change their size, simply highlight the text you wish to use as your heading (with your key words, of course!!) and select the appropriate heading from the drop down. I center my headings to just keep it clean and pleasing to the reader's eye. Always remember that search engines weight H1 the highest so always make sure you have your key words in a H1 Heading Title and then use your keywords in a heading 2 and a heading 3 as you write. Look for opportunities to use your key words in a sub heading. Think of them as opportunities to separate paragraphs or to begin a new thought. With practice it will come easily. Step in two in growing into your SEO guru hat is that simple! Keep an eye out now that I've shared the three H's with you, and coming soon I'll share the B, I, and U! Don't forget, if there is anything that you'd like to learn about to help you with your marketing and business development, I'd be happy to hear what it might be. You can email me at and I'll see ya back here next week for the B, I, U of the SEO!              

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