The Best Deal in The Shoppe? Subscriptions for Design Templates AND Actions!

January 16, 2013

There are many options out there on the big ol' web when it comes to choosing your photography design partner, and we're happy each and every time you choose us. It's been a while since we took the time to let our clients know about the BEST deal in The Shoppe, which is our subscription service. There are daily deals, (and we offer them), there are bundles, (and we bundle them), and there are sales, (and have them!). What very few other sites offer, however, is a members only subscription plan. We're going to keep it simple with a handy list below on the reasons that our subscriptions are the best deal on the web!

  1. It's cost effective!! For $40 a month, we give you $400 in Shoppe Dollars, to use for downloading anything on the site! 10X more for the same money? Yes, we think it's a good deal too!
  2. It's flexible! We know your business is seasonal based on your niche! There are going to be times of the year when you need a lot of items and times that you won't. If you don't use your Shoppe Dollars this month, or even next, they'll roll over until YOU need them the most!
  3. You'll get valuable product. Does it include our ACTIONS?! Why, yes, it does!
  4. You'll always be the first to know! Your industry is competitive and our subscription partners get the edge! You will be the first to know about new releases, before the daily deals and before mass marketing! We'll keep you one step ahead!
  5. Exclusive content! New for 2013, we'll be offering exclusive items for download only to our monthly subscribers. You never know what kind of exclusive content will follow. *hints & foreshadowing intentional*
  6. Opportunities for exposure of YOUR work! We partner with our subscribers for our example photos AND are excited to announce additional Featured Photographer opportunities this year!
  7. Creative direction. It's our clients that guide us. We'll ask what's selling, what's next, and what you need. And we'll answer!
  8. Last but not least.... did we mention that it's cost effective!?! $40 a month won't take you so far anywhere else.
So what  are you waiting for...... we're waiting for you to download away...... and then tell us what you want to see next!! And don't to be shy.... pass it on! We're not looking to be the best kept secret. =)    

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